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Wobbledogs is an unusual pet care simulator in which you will breed cartoon dogs of the most unpredictable appearance, which they get due to mutations.


No storyline – this sandbox invites you to choose what to do at the moment. You create several animals (including insides), endowing them with appearances as you see fit. Puppies grow and play, but as they get older, some of them turn into cocoons. Out of the cocoons emerge amazing mutants that don’t even look like dogs at all.


There are two gameplay mechanics in this project from indie developers Animal Uprising. Initially, you perform a standard set of functions to take care of the dog – to feed, walk, clean piles, dress, treat, and teach commands.

But once you have mutant dogs, gameplay becomes unpredictable. Animals’ movements don’t obey physics, they can get stuck in unexpected places, make mysterious sounds and even perform human actions.


This game is somewhat reminiscent of the famous project Spore, in which you can simulate the emergence of life on Earth.


  • Colorful cartoon graphics
  • Surrealistic atmosphere
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Lots of funny situations
  • Casual rules


  • No cooperative mode

reggie posted a review

Overall rating: 8

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